Tuesday, March 25, 2008

God don't like ugly

Dele was the most romantic man I have ever met....as romantic as he was, he was also the most domineering, ill tempered, arrogant, cocky ass hole man I have ever met. Throughout our tumultuous relationship we managed to become friends in the end (it took a lot of prayers and soul searching to achieve this)

When I was 19 I met Dele in Miami in 2002 we hung out for about 3 days and exchanged numbers even though we both lived in separate states, we still agreed to keep in touch....so when I returned home, imagine my surprise when Dele came to visit me that same weekend...he even introduced himself to my mom who never likes anyone....He was exactly what I wanted...Nigerian, 24 years old, college graduate, best dressed guy I have ever met(The man had more dress shoes than me!!!...not sneakers, but dress shoes)....

All in all, Dele was great...he stood by me through a lot of the issues that I was trying to deal with. He helped me through my "college is not for everyone phase", he gave me a weekly allowance, he came to visit me every other weekend, and he made sure that my phone bill was paid every single month...He even paid for me to fly to California with my friends...he rented us a car, and paid for our hotel...when my friends met him there, he they all fell in love with him ....what more can a girl want or even ask for right? WRONG

Our relationship started heading downhill when I got a job...not just any job...I started my career....Dele had other plans for me....he wanted me to get a job at the mall...working at banana republic...or DKNY...some bullshit job like that....even though I have held other jobs in the past, but this was the first time that I felt liberated...I didn't have to depend on my mom or even Dele before I can get something that I wanted....and I loved it!!!!! between school and work, I barely had anytime for myself, or anyone else...

One night I got bored and decided to check Dele's voicemail(let me remind you that no one can hack into anything like I can...whether its a voicemail account, or an email...if you need a password...I can hack into it....one of my many talents!!!) and imagine to my surprise that he had 7 saved messages all from the same person named Desola! I didn't think much of it at that time, but it did make me a little more inquisitive than normal.. Two days later, i checked his messages again..Desola called again and this time she was crying on the message asking why is she not returning his calls that all she wants is to get her things back....hmmm First question that was on my mind is why is this chick calling at 2:30am, second...why is she crying....third....what the fuck did she give you or what did you take from her?

I didn't sleep that night....but I didn't confront him neither....(first rule of thumb in corporate finance...don't take things at face value...or is that the 4th rule....hmmm) for all I knew this could be a family member and I did not want to make a fool of myself....The following weekend I was going there for a visit...That Friday night and Saturday there were no problems...she didn't call...I checked his call log and voicemail each chance I got...Sunday evening when I was getting ready to take the train back I she starts calling his phone...I picked it up and she was really polite, so I handed the phone to him...next thing i hear is.... "Why the fuck are you still calling me? Ko ni da fun e ti o ba pe phone mi" (it won't be well for you if you call my phone).

I really wish I could have heard what was going on at her end...but oh well.
The moment he got off the phone I asked who was that? He claimed she was just a friend of his who he got in an argument with. Strange? I could not remember the last time I got in an argument with anyone and used that kind of language. I let it go being that I didn't want to leave on a bad note.....We said our "goodbyes" and "miss yous" and I got on the train...

Immediately as I got on...I looked for a seat near an outlet so I can charge my phone as I plot to get to the bottom of this situation....I had a 4 hour ride before I got home...I used 30 minutes to plan my course of action (I wasted money studying finance man...I need to get a job with the FBI, CIA, Homeland security...I will find Osama in 2 days!) I decided to call her....first I needed to break into his Voice mail again...he changed the password! So I made a few phone calls, got the code...when i hacked into his messages, I couldn't get her phone number...crap!....but it did give me an option to reply message, so I sent her a voicemail sayin...

"Desola, Its Oreke, Dele's girlfriend. I mean no disrespect by calling you, but we need to talk as soon as you get the chance, my number is 555-222-1111. Call me at your earliest convenience...preferably within the next 3 hours!"

I spent the next 25 minutes praying to God that this chick was not like me and only listened to her messages the 30th and 31st of every month! Before I got the chance to say amen...my phone rang!
"Hi Orkeke its Desola"

"Desola, what is going on between you and Dele? Please don't tell me that I ask your man garbage(if the shoe was on the other foot, thats exactly what I would have told her) because if I wanted to ask him, we won't be having this conversation right now"

"I'm not a rude person, I will tell you what you want to know, but I don't want to argue"

"Trust me! I don't have it in me to argue"

"Well Dele was my boyfriend up until a few weeks ago....I loaned him 1$1000 and he never gave it back to me."

"How long did u 2 date if I may ask..(mean while I am heated if i were light skin, I would have been red)

"For a while, I know who you are though, I saw you in California, we rode on the elevator together once, you were with Dele and a few other people. we were on the same plane back, I was the girl who was talking to your friend at the airport. I also saw you at his church picnic 2 days ago, I soon as I came, you guys had to leave..I know its cos he thought I was going to make a scene"

I will finish this up in the next post

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why didn't you go to Medical School

My father(The greatest sperm donor) asked me a question today that made me want to grab him through the phone and strangle him....."Oreke, a finance degree is not a professional one....why didn't you go to medical school?" After I prayed for strength from the almighty I simply said, "Well Mr. Lewa, I would have loved to go to medical school, but I didn't have a father to send me to medical school...."
He replied...."Well Ms. LEWA(he gets upset when I call him by his last name...our last name) this is why I can't talk to you, you are a bitter woman, and one thing I hate most are bitter women"

Mind you I am very bitter towards him, but for him to call me on it really irks my nerves....
Oreke is bitter.....could it be because the last time she saw you is when she was still in diapers?.....Oreke is bitter, could it be because of the way you treated Mama Oreke? ....Oreke is bitter....COULD IT BE THE FIRST TIME SHE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH YOU WAS 2006????? Do you think that these are enough reason for Oreke to bitter??? I think they are!

An ex gave me a bible verse for days when Mr. Lewa feels its imperative to annoy me....Genesis 41:51-52 .... Joseph named his firstborn Manasseh and said, "It is because God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father's household." 52 The second son he named Ephraim and said, "It is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering."

Mr Lewa was a liar, and a very good one at that. He lied to my mother when he promised her forever, he lied to God when he broke 9 out of the 10 commandments, he lied to my grandparents the day he took my mom out of their house saying she will never lack anything good....He lied to me the day he gave me my name.....he lied to my sister for never even seeing her face...

I could go on and on about this man, but I rather not because the thought of him leaves me drained! I've given him enough time out of my day....

To Be continued sometime soon